Serge Berthier

Serge Berthier, a French citizen with permanent residency in Hong Kong, was born in December 1948 in Dijon (France).

After graduating from Paris V University in 1973 (Master of Laws and DESS of Economics), he began his career as a civil administrator in the Ministry of Transport in Algeria, before being appointed Head of Research and Transport Studies (1974). In 1975, the Algerian government offered him a contract to be the private economic advisor to the State Minister of Transport, Rabah Bitat.

After the first election held to replace the Revolutionary Council, Rabah Bitat, then nș2 of the country asked him to join his new administration, but he declined and left Algiers at the end of 1978. After a short spell with GATT in Geneva (Switzerland) working as a trouble shooter in transport and port matters, he joined the third-world largest offshore construction company installing offshore oil fields worldwide,

He became Dy Regional Vice-President in West Africa (1978-1980), Far East Vice-President, based in Singapore (1980-1982), North Sea Senior V.P, based in Stavanger (Norway) (1983-1984). In 1984, he was head-hunted by a large European group to look after their Algerian affairs. When in 1985 the group refused to endorse his strategy to deal with the Algerian government, he resigned his appointment and decided to return to Asia.

In 1986, he set up a private consulting company in Hong Kong catering for multinational investors. His analysis were controversial at a time where China was considered communist and Hong Kong in mortal danger. In 1992, he was sued for an article published in Europe that a well-known figure of the political establishment of the colony considered libellous. The court case fizzled out when that personality left Hong Kong before 1997, proving that Serge Berthier's analysis was appropriate.

In 1997, he founded Asian Affairs, a high-profile quarterly magazine dealing exclusively with geo-political issues of Asia seen through an Asian perspective. For Asian Affairs, Serge Berthier has met privately most of the political leaders of Asia, including President Jiang Zemin of China. (see

Serge Berthier is the Chairman of Oriental International Strategies, a privately funded think-tank dedicated to regular studies of Asia for policy-makers and transnational groups.

He is also the Chairman of the Asia-Europe Forum, foundation member of the Boao Forum for Asia. Serge Berthier was a member of the Experts' group of the Boao Forum for Asia.

Serge Berthier has published several books, written either in English or French. His regular comments can be consulted at

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